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The Most Reliable Amazon Music Downloader - TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter Review

Amazon Music Converter is a perfect solution to download playlists from Amazon to your Windows or Mac computer. There's a reliable tool you can never miss: TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter.

Amazon Music, one of the vital on-demand music streaming platforms, provides 100 million songs for Prime members, and over 90 million for Music Unlimited subscribers. Any listener could download the whole music library for offline playback. Yet arguably, your downloaded Amazon content is encoded and limited to be played within its own application. You can never ever save Amazon songs to computer locally, let alone copying them to USB Stick, CDs, online network disk, etc.

So to enjoy Amazon Music limitlessly and get the most benefit from your subscription, it's suggested to use an Amazon Music converter to truly extract open-source audio files from Amazon Music, like TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter. Without further ado, this page will introduce TuneBoto in three parts: Why you need it? What it can do? How to use it? Just keep reading!

tuneboto amazon music converter review

Part 1. Why Should I Use TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter?

Do you need an Amazon Music Converter? In the following part, we've made a list so that you can clearly get to know what TuneBoto can help you and why you will need TuneBoto:

  • You want to import Amazon Music to your project, like PPT, Excel, and video;
  • You want to move Amazon Music to USB Drive for transferring or backup;
  • You want to burn Amazon Music to CD for music collection;
  • You want to play Amazon Music on Apple Watch, PS4, iPod and other unsupported devices;
  • You want to add Amazon Music to Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, and other DJ software for mixing;
  • You want to share Amazon Music on Instagram, YouTube, Tick Tock and other social media;
  • You want to keep Amazon Music playable even after unsubscription;
  • Other reasons that you want to get away from the limitation of Amazon Music.

If you fit one of the above situations, then TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter is the most helpful program you should have. By converting Amazon Music songs via TuneBoto, you'll get the most freedom to enjoy your favorite playlist anywhere anytime.

why need amazon music converter

Part 2. What are the Key Features of TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter?

When you're looking for an Amazon Music converter that can meet your requirement, the most important step is to look at all its features. Here're the main features of TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter:

1. Record Amazon Music: Designed with the most up-to-date audio recording core, TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter (Win & Mac) smartly helps users convert any tracks, albums, and playlists from both Amazon Prime Music and Unlimited Music to plain MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.

2. Keep ID3 Tags Meta Information: After converting Amazon Music with TuneBoto, all of your output audio files will be retained ID3 tags, including title, artist, album, artwork, track number, and more. In addition, you can also select "Artist/Album", "Artist", "Album", "Artist/Album" or "None" settings to let your music files sorted into different folders.

3.Preserve Zero Quality Loss Output: To make sure a better listening experience, TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter allows you to download songs with 100% original audio quality (256kbps) kept. That means, you'll get the Amazon Music files with 1:1 quality output.

4. Fast Conversion Speed: The conversion speed may also be a significant factor to make a decision of Amazon Music Recorder. And surprisingly, TuneBoto supports batch downloading Amazon titles at a lightning speed. You can put hundreds of audios in a queue and let TuneBoto convert them at the background. It won't affect your routine work on computer.

feature of tuneboto amazon music converter

Part 3. How to Use TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter?

In this section, we'll show you how to use TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter to get your Amazon Music library downloaded. The process is much easier than you think.

Step 1 Install and launch TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter on your PC or Mac computer. Then log in to your Amazon Music account.

log in amazon music acccount

Step 2 Go to the "Setting" window, select Output Format (MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC), Path, Quality (320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps) and more.


Step 3 Open an Amazon album, then tap on the "Add" button. In a new window, select the Amazon Music songs you want to download.

add amazon music

Step 4 Click the "Convert" button so that you can start downloading Amazon Music in open-source music format.

convert amazon music

Step 5 Click the "History" button (Like a clock) to find out the well-downloaded Amazon songs.


That's all about the TuneBoto Amazon Music Converter. No matter you're a Prime member or Music Unlimited subscribers, TuneBoto will help you convert and download any Amazon playlists for offline use. Till now, TuneBoto still offers the free trial version for users to test its features. Just give it a shot!

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