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Review Our Products & Win Free TuneBoto License!

Share your experience with other Amazon Music / Amazon Video users! Review programs on TuneBoto and get to win the free license! Thanks to your reviews, we are able to provide even better information & service to all visitors of our website, and as a token of our appreciation, we will give away the free license among all valid reviews.

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Participating couldn’t be easier!

To participate, simply trial the program you are interested, share your experience on one of the following websites, and submit your review to us for evaluation. Your quality reviews, which meet the requirements described below, will have a chance to win a FREE MONTH license! Both new and old users can participate!

Here are the specific steps:

How to Get a TuneBoto License for Free?

Step 1 Choose Website to Write a Review

Checkmark icon If you are an old user, you can directly choose one of the following websites to write a review.

Checkmark icon If you are a new user, you can choose a program you are interested in, go to the Download Center to download it, and then share your experience on one of the following websites.

Step 2 Send Review to Us for Evaluation

When you have completed your review, please send an email with the subject "Review for Free License" to our customer service ([email protected]), and briefly describe the situation and your review link in the email. We will confirm your review, and upon successful confirmation you will get a free license!


  • The review should be 120 words and above.
  • Review should be written by yourself. Copy in any form from our site or other sites is unacceptable.
  • Amazon Music + Video Bundle products will not participate in this event.
  • When you send us the link, please include the product and version (Music or Video, Windows or Mac), so that we can generate a license for you as soon as possible.
  • The one-month free license you redeem will be consistent with the program you shared your experience with. A review for program A cannot get a free license for program B.
  • Share the reward license information in any shape or form is forbidden. The misused license code will be block imidiately.
  • Please do not mention free exchange license and other related descriptions in the review, otherwise it will be automatically considered as invalid.
  • If you have any questions about this event, you can contact us at any time; the final interpretation right of this event belongs to TuneBoto.

If you have any questions about our event or programs of TuneBoto, please send email to our support: [email protected]

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