What is Boto?

You know what? There's a kind of dolphin coloring pink in the world.

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Boto of Amazon

Amazon River dolphins, popularly called ‘boto’, are freshwater dolphins living in the rainforest rivers of South America.

Every spring when the rains fall in South America, the Amazon River, and its tributaries begin to spill their banks. Eventually, thousands of square miles of rainforest are flooded, creating a vast, tree-canopied sea. Into this seasonal sea, swims the Amazon river dolphin, boto.

Botos have the characteristic dolphin smile and a well-developed sense of hearing. The most amazing feature is their color, which ranges -- depending on their age -- from soft, rosy pink to a vivid, almost shocking pink. Appearing alone or in pairs, they are curious and not shy about approaching boats. In some parts of Amazon River, the botos have figured prominently in the folklore of the South American Indians, who believed killing botos would bring bad luck and misfortune.

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The Inspiration of TuneBoto

Living in underwater cities, botos communicate and share their mind through echolocation. While as humans, we affect life with a magical medium: music. We love music, as it can convey ideas, place emotions, or even ease the pain. Tunes Everywhere!

That's exactly where TuneBoto comes out. We hope you will be capable to enjoy your own Amazon tunes lightheartedly, just like the botos swim in ocean leisurely and carefree…

Smart Feature

Convert Amazon Music tracks, albums and playlists to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC.

No Quality Loss

Enable to download Amazon Music with original quality retained.

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